Why is online qual more inspiring than traditional methods?

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Tom Woodnutt

Founder, Feeling Mutual

April 10, 2022

We believe that research is only valuable if it inspires better decisions. To paraphrase the late, great Jeremy Bullmore - a great insight is like a fridge door, because when you look into it, a light comes on. The problem is too many research debriefs rely on paraphrased verbatim that are lost within vast presentations that few people read or internalise.

Traditional focus groups methods can also feel artificial and restrict the emotional disclosures of participants. Our approach to qualitative research uses online and mobile technology that results in insights that are more enlightening.

There are three ways in which online and mobile qual can be more inspiring:

  • INSIGHTS HAVE MORE VIVID COLOUR: Mobile, webcam video and screen recordings allow us to get closer to people‚Äôs real lives which enables multi-media reporting.
  • PEOPLE MAKE MORE EMOTIONAL DISCLOSURE ONLINE: People are less likely to posture when they are not in an artificial viewing facility or posturing due to the presence of the moderator or other participants. This results in more confessional, emotionally insightful responses online.
  • FEEDBACK IS IN MORE DEPTH: Asynchronous online and mobile qual generates many times more feedback than traditional focus groups. So you have more hours worth of feedback and greater depth, which gives you more chance of finding those few nuggets that will inspire. Only one person can speak at once in a real-time focus group. People can feedback in parallel in online forums and the like. So you get many times more depth and more chance for insight, using those online methods.

If you want to find out more about how the online and mobile tools that we use, help us get more authentic and valid insights, please get in touch!

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