How mobile qualitative research inspired Swingers global expansion

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Tom Woodnutt

Founder, Feeling Mutual

January 05, 2021

Swingers combines crazy golf, street food, cocktails and socialising across at high-end venues in the UK and US. We are proud that our mobile qual got us nominated for the MRS independent consultancy award 2019.

Before their US expansion they wanted to check that the British concept would travel. There were concerns that the name ‘Swingers’ might put off more conservative potential customers. And they wanted to find out if the menu and design format would work.

So we recruited people in the US who were either bookers of corporate nights out or socially active young people. They shared how they made decisions on where to go out, screen recordings of the way they use google and social media and a pre-during-post night out, online mobile video diary. They also reacted to stimulus such as mocked up Facebook ads and made up reviews, which was created to get more authentic responses, as if the experience had already launched in the US.

The research helped inform decisions on the brand name, description, restaurant and drinks menu localisation and which location to go with. There are now two Swingers sites in New York and Washington.

Here is a conference paper on the case study from the MRS Customer Experience research 2021.

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