Feeling Mutual inspires reciprocal relationships between brands and people.

Feeling Mutual is a strategic

consultancy for brands

Too many decisions by brands are purely self-serving. They lack the empathy required to create value for people.

In our post-broadcast, socially-connected era, closer collaboration is required to earn people’s attention, loyalty, and advocacy.

Feeling Mutual gains insight into what people think, feel and do through primary research and clients’ existing data. We use this understanding in a collaborative process to create ideas that solve problems and inspire people.



The Collective

Feeling Mutual is made up of a network of specialists. We are brand planners, psychologists, researchers, designers, analytics experts, writers and more.

The team and methods are tailored to the brief. We always use empathy and insight to guide the collaborative process. This results in solutions that both benefit our clients and are of value to their customers.


"The thinking on mutuality and shared experiences was instrumental in developing a new marketing direction for my commercial team. That thinking led us to a new proposition and enabled us to establish a strong digital and social media marketing plan."

Lucy Sinclair, Marketing Director, Johnston Press