Agile Online and Mobile Qualitative Insight

Inspiring more mutualistic relationships between brands and people

Specialists in global, online and

mobile qualitative research

Today’s brands need qualitative research that is more agile, collaborative and vivid, without compromising authenticity. By getting closer to people’s true feelings, brands can build more mutually beneficial relationships with them.

We work with the best online and mobile qualitative research technologies and expert consultants to deliver this.

Typical projects range from Strategic and Creative Development, to Customer Journey, Innovation and UX.

Online and mobile technology takes research out of an artificial viewing facility and into people’s real world. It reduces the influence of one participant over another. It inspires them to be more emotionally open. It generates instantly accessible feedback, which enables more agile collaboration. It produces more multi-media output, which creates more colourful insights into what people really think, feel and do.

This deeper, more authentic and vivid form insight into how people feel, helps clients and agencies nurture more mutualistic relationships with people.



The Collective

Feeling Mutual can draw on a network of senior qualitative researchers, around the world.

We assemble the right team based on their specialism, language and your needs.


"The thinking on mutuality and shared experiences was instrumental in developing a new marketing direction for my commercial team. That thinking led us to a new proposition and enabled us to establish a strong digital and social media marketing plan."

Lucy Sinclair, Marketing Director, Johnston Press